What are the fashion rules as you get older?

Are there fashion rules that apply as you age? Want to know what the pitfalls might be and how to avoid them? Questions to ask and things to consider are:-

  • Are you dressing to suit your figure and silhouette as it is today – not as it used to be or as you hope it might be?
  • Are you using a full length mirror in a good light to check your front, side and back view?
  • Does your overall look blend together?  Think elegance and simplicity – it’s always a winner in my book.


Fashion Rules As You Age | Annie Bundfuss | Forever Young Mag

Annie Bundfuss | Fashion At Any Age


If you are going for a bold look are you making one big statement?  Too many things fighting for attention all at once can be confusing on the eye.  A statement piece can be anything from an item of clothing, piece of jewellery, pair of shoes or handbag for example and everything else blends with it rather than fights it.

  • When is clashing OK?  Clashing colours can really work – think pink and orange.  Just make sure your silhouette isn’t too fussy. Or if you’re mixing up era’s and looks keep the colours blended.

Have you done a recent assessment of your best and worst areas for showing off.  Yes, we all have both so learn to flaunt the best bits and not worry about the worst – don’t be too hard on yourself.  It is common to be our own worst critic!

Forever Young - Fashion

When exposing lots of flesh choose one area – i.e. legs or cleavage or arms.  Exposing all can be too much if you are in an urban environment.  On the beach or by the pool is fabulous of course.  Although long sheer floaty coverups can be a glamorous way of distracting from the inevitable wrinkly skin as we age.  I’ve always had good arms and loved strappy/sleeveless tops and dresses but nowadays it’s better if I wear a long sleeve T shirt underneath or lacy sheer coverup. It’s all about adapting.

Another thing I notice is the tendency to play safe with colour.  We need to move with the seasons as they change but a nice sunny day whatever the temperature is a good reason to wear something more colourful than on a dreary cold day – but even then a brighter outfit can lift all our spirits.

  • Are you comfortable and appropriate for the occasion and environment?  There’s nothing worse than being constricted, too cold or too hot or really feeling out of place (I find layers work for me so I can add on or takeoff as I go).  It shows in your face and your demeanour if you’re not comfortable and happy and we don’t want that!

Fashion Rules to take seriously

Dress Your Age














Here’s my favourite fashion rule/question:

  • What’s your posture like?  Can it be better?  The correct answer is: ALWAYS.  Stand up tall and carry yourself with pride and confidence and you can get anyway with breaking all the rules anyway you like – mostly!

Above all, have fun and experiment – remember when you were a child and loved dressing up.  Maybe you didn’t but I certainly did and still do as you can see in this photo shoot I did with Annie Bundfuss…. keep young at heart and keep your zest for life!

Do you think these fashion rules apply to the ageing woman?  I like to think they apply to all of us at any age and would say that in my view the same rules are worth asking whatever your age – after all age is just a number! What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree and are there any other points you’d add?  Do let me know in the comments and if you find this post useful please share with your friends and family.

Photographs by Annie Bundfuss | Forever Young Magazine

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