We’re excited to be back after our summer break refreshed and eager to bring you Daphne News. Full of our views and stories on fashion, beauty, health, exercise and lifestyle. With tips and thoughts to hopefully inspire, motivate and keep you feeling fabulous, confident and beautiful.  It felt strange not being in your inbox these last weeks but it’s been really good to take time away to reflect on where we are and what we want for the next phase of life rather than just do something just because.  It’s been the first time we’ve taken a break since we started this blog/newsletter in 2015. We’re happy to report that Daphne News is continuing on in its bi-monthly form although we will take more time out during the Christmas and Summer holidays as it has proved so good in lots of ways.  

Friends Are Important


How are the friends in your life?  We heard recently that after the age of 25 it becomes less likely to make and retain friends. Do you think this is true? After this age, it’s said that women tend to focus on their one main relationship, children and career.  Making a date with a girlfriend or even scheduling telephone time can get pushed down the list of priorities. By making the effort to keep your friendships going and cultivating new ones contributes to increased levels of positivity, health and success in all aspects of life even making you more successful at work.  It can take the pressure off your main relationship (if you have one) from being the sole focus of your attention for everything which can be a good thing.  

Daphne with Sunflower for Die Dame Magazine - Friends Are Important




Daphne with a sunflower for Die Dame Magazine earlier in 2019 just before her 91st Birthday

A Wide Range of Friends


Having a wide range of friends where you express different aspects of yourself can be both fun and satisfying:


That shopping companion who is a delight to clothes shop with.  One who is supportive and has a good eye for your look and you for there’s

A friend to exercise with – go to a dance class (& makes friends there), or put on a yoga video at home and do it together

Someone to trust with your inner thoughts and mull things over for a new perspective

Friends of different age groups can bring a new outlook. It’s good to have older friends for their wisdom and life experience but also younger ones for the youthful views

A person to relax and enjoy a meal or event with

Lifelong friends who you may not see regularly but when you do you just pick up where you left off. There’s nothing like someone you share a long history with

New friends where you can be a new you – maybe learn a new hobby together or explore new places and ways to live

Friends with common interests around the world where you meet online – it doesn’t have to be in person to count. It’s good to share our  common passions along with enjoying and learning from our differences in culture and race





What’s Coming?


Look out over the next few weeks and months as it’s going to be busy at daphneselfe.com with:- 

Launching of our own community for women who love beauty & fashion. We have been testing the idea out with our Founder Members and are very excited to launch it properly during September. To find out how to be a member of our Selfe Aware Club put your name & email HERE

Running the Daphne Selfe Academy – a 6-week online modelling course during October/November. This will be the last time that we will be running it in its current setup.  Since 2015 we have run it annually during March and occasionally at other times of the year. We will be reviewing a new way forward at the beginning of next year.

Before we make these changes we wanted to give you the opportunity to take it at the existing setup and price.  If you’ve always dreamed of being a model or want some modelling skills do put your name & email HERE 

Over To You


What do you most want from your friends and has this changed over time? Do let us know as we’d love to hear from you

Lastly, if you have any topics that you’d like us to cover in a Daphne News let us know in the comments below or email us at: enquiries@daphneselfe.com

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