Primark  Autumn 2017 Campaign – My Generation

with Glam Gran Daphne


Primark: For AW17 we haven’t merely gone back to the drawing board. No, no, no… more like the Pinterest boards, the FAQ boards, and, yes, even the skate boards, to talk about the things that matter. We’re super proud to present My Generation, a concept that spans ages, disciplines, lifestyles, demographics, and preferences to ultimately embody everything we stand for.


My Generation is all about good vibes only. Sure, we’re the place to go when you need night-out clobber and change from a tenner. And we’re defos the must-visit flagship store when you’re hitting up your favourite city. But we’re also the people pushing for a democratic fashion and lifestyle landscape, across the board; giving everyone the chance to participate and feel like they belong.


For AW17, we’ve gathered a selection of generation-defining non-conformists who threw out the rule books, along with their cares for what you – or anyone else – think. From grandmas who are chicer than chic, to skateboarding go-getters, and powerful protagonists pushing for change – our crowd of proud-to-standout ‘models’ are boundary-shoving bad-asses who say ‘laters haters’, overcome obstacles, and embrace life, unapologetically.


Meet Glam Gran Daphne. This oh-so-fabulous octogenarian – yep, that means she’s in her 80s! – is actually almost 90 year’s old, and still partying her way through life like it’s 1999. As part of My Generation, which celebrates embracing yo’self and good vibes only, we didn’t just want Daphne for her beaut face, we wanted to know a little bit about her generation. From hashtags to unicorns, this glam gran is all about celebrating individuality, uniqueness, and – of course – being fab-u-lous.


Daphne how would you define yourself?

I’m a fashion model; and was rediscovered aged 70 – I will be 89 this year (July)! I would describe myself as active and adventurous, positive and curious, with a lifelong love of clothes.

Describe your generation in 3 words.

Make the best.

Who or what inspires you most?

The Queen – she knows her role, is completely committed to it, and never falters. And of course she always looks fabulous.

What would your dream party be like and who would be on the guest list?

My family and close friends; and maybe a unicorn or two!




If we gave you £100 and a suitcase full of clothes, how would you use it?

Have a dress up and go somewhere glamorous for a glass of champagne.


What’s the best advice you can give to someone to help them stay positive?

Change what you can and if you can’t, don’t worry about it!

How important is social media to you?

Very, as I love connecting with people from all over the world.

What’s your favourite social media channel?

Instagram – as a model it is all about the image.

If you had your own hashtag what would it be? I DO

#BeYourOwnSelfe – because I want to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Complete the sentence: “What the world needs now is…”

Love sweet love – kindness and understanding of others.

Who would play you in a film, and what would the plot line be?

It would have to be Scarlett Johansson starring in the story of my life – how amazing it has been. In many ways the extraordinary in an ordinary life.

Jodie Jones, Style Editor




Find out more about Primark and the My Generation Campaign and meet the other models: HERE


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