Grand Style – These Women Model Inspiration For The Ages!


Grand Style is the title of an article written by my ‘Model Family’ member Wendy Packer for Grand magazine an online magazine for grandparents. Wendy has featured 9 models who are all over sixty years old, who Wendy goes on to say are vibrant, vivacious and still packing a punch of ‘Va Va Va Voom’. I’m honoured that I’m included as one of them – thank you, Wendy!

In Grand Style, Wendy writes: Today, there are modelling agencies and models the world over featuring models beyond age sixty. Five years ago you could comb the internet for hours and find barely a handful of models over forty. It seems now that ageism is diminishing in the fashion world. Women with grey/silver/white hair are becoming more visible every day.

Grand Style - living the ageless life
Wendy Packer - Today there are
Grand Style Daphne Selfe


Grand Style’s headline model is 62-year old Yazemeenah Rossi.  Her hair started going white at about the age of 12 and she always loved her silver threads. Her goal was never to be the most famous or beautiful model but to be the most beautiful version of herself. Isn’t that wonderful! – #beyourownselfe

Yazemeenah Rossi - Grand Style
Grand Style - Become more beautiful


Contrary to what people might think about women in their 60s,  Yazemeenah feels prettier today than ever before. She feels like a flower whose blossoms become more beautiful with each passing year.



Wendy Packer of Fashion Over Fifty




You can find Wendy’s full Grand Style article HERE



Daphne Selfe Academy Graduate, California based Wendy Packer is the founder of Fashion Over Fifty which is all about fashion and much more – it’s about helping every woman find her light, love and inner beauty.

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Who aged over 60 is inspiring you? Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear