Hair As You Get Older


I’m often complimented on my hair and really it is my trademark these days. Many of you tell me you are struggling with thinning hair, lack of condition, when to colour and when not and how to know what style is best as the years advance. So for this Daphne News, I thought I’d write about hair as you get older.

What are the does and don’ts?



Are There Any Rules That Must Be Obeyed?

Somethings I’m going to tell you may surprise you!  For instance, when I reached 60 years old I was getting fed up with the regular 3 weekly root touch up to keep mine looking the glossy brunette it had always been.  Time seemed to speed up and it’d come round so soon and was just another chore to get done when I’d rather be doing something else!  I’ve been lucky with naturally wavy hair which I’ve worn shoulder length or in a short bob such as during the 1960s.  This meant it always had plenty of bounce and natural body.  Now things were changing….

It was my youngest daughter Rose who encouraged me to go ‘au naturel’ and to embrace it as an honouring acceptance of who I am at a new stage of life and that I could still be myself and feel and look beautiful and womanly.  Plus I can’t tell you the relief at not having to mess about with bottles of dye and/or hairdressers – I haven’t got time for that!  There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in a salon if that’s something you enjoy but I prefer to make different choices with my time and money.


I Went Grey In My Sixties


As I went grey in my 60s I was modelling of course but a lot of my work was as a film and TV extra (I could write a book about it all!)  I was getting more and more bookings for period dramas and the stylists were always pleased because I didn’t need to be fitted with an expensive purpose made wig.  My hair could be styled into whatever era was being created – much quicker and cost-effective for the Production Company.  I enjoyed my work and with a quick trim to keep the ends in good shape my hair grew longer.  As my face has naturally thinned over time my bone structure has emerged more distinctively and wearing my hair back off of my face suits this.  In my normal day to day life, I wear my hair wound up and clipped in place.  It takes a moment to do and I’m set for the day – easy, quick and stylish.  I don’t wear my hair down apart from at fashion shoots and shows where with great makeup and lighting it can look great.  Stylists love to create different looks and the artistic and creative side of me enjoys this immensely.


Keeping Your Hair In As Good Condition As You Can Is Essential


Keeping your hair in as good condition as you can is essential. There is a place for good hair products but your lifestyle choices have a bigger effect I believe. If you eat a bad diet, don’t exercise and are very stressed or have been ill it will show in your hair. Plus there is the damage that can be done to it with overuse of straighteners and dryers etc.  It may be an idea to review how much you wash your hair and if it is really necessary. Over-stripping your hair of its natural oils too often makes your hair more vulnerable to damage and split ends and as well as making any hair dye fade quicker. I do think we have been encouraged to wash it more than always needed!  

I also want to mention, that sadly all to often, I have had friends who have lost their hair during chemotherapy treatment which changes one’s view of oneself and image in a shocking and drastic way. Don’t despair about your hair as you have other more pressing things to consider – use a beautiful scarf, headband, big earrings or hat and be creative with your new temporary look or just rock the bald look. When your hair grows back it might be very different at first, perhaps extra curly so go with it and explore the new look you. I know there will be moments of mourning your lost hair but try and look forward and be brave and experiment.  Most importantly don’t stress about it and be creative and feisty as much as you can.  

Is Long Hair A Complete No No?


There seems to be a rule that once you reach a certain point in life that long hair is a complete no no and a short curly hairdo is what you must have.  For some of us, a short pixie cut or curly perm is the perfect thing which can be combined with a blue rinse or bolder hues.  It is not the only option anymore!  The important thing is to know that anything goes these days.  What I would suggest is consider:-

  • Your lifestyle and budget –  be appropriate for your workplace?  do you want something high maintenance or maintenance free?
  • Hair assessment – what is your hair actually like – straight, curly, thick, thin or thinning, natural colour & stage of the greying process
  • The shape of your face and your overall silhouette – choose a style that doesn’t drag your face down or hide your features but frames your face and accentuates your best features
  • Consider the actual condition your hair is in and what you can do to improve it if needed
  • Colouring – ensure your hair colour compliments your skin colouring and isn’t too harsh or jarring
  • How your hair fits in with your own particular style
  • What makes YOU feel good – if it’s a particular hair colour try it / maybe you aren’t ready to be grey yet
  • There is no right or wrong with hair as you get older – experiment
  • Forget about your age – that is just a number!


What are your thoughts on hair as you get older? – Do comment below and share with your friends and family  

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