To learn to model wasn’t something I was thinking about 12 months ago

For many of us it is the holiday season. A time to reflect on what’s important and look back over the past year and to relax with family and friends or enjoy time without the usual distractions of our normal busy lives. Putting all my knowledge down in one place for those who want to learn to model wasn’t something I’d thought about at the beginning of the year or even a website for that matter either!

Daphne Selfe

2015 has been a year of new beginnings and adventures for me.  Modelling has taken me to Stockholm, Sydney, Paris & London for wonderful campaigns with my modelling agency Models 1.  I launched my own website, the twice monthly Daphne News, published my memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes with publisher Macmillan and started The Daphne Selfe Academy with students doing my online course from all over the world.  Who said that you have to slow down?  Not when you’re having this much fun!

You may not have thought much before about being a model and you won’t really learn a lot about modelling from this post (but we did film it in my modelling agency in London’s Covent Garden) but you can learn to model by doing my online course for information do look at my Academy page by clicking or tapping this link The Daphne Selfe Academy it may be the perfect new skill or direction to have next.  An investment in yourself that I believe will not be wasted.


Wishing you a very Happy Christmas

Daphne - learn to model