Harrods Christmas Magazine – a days work is a treat in 2020!


Harrods Christmas Magazine – a days modelling work is a treat in 2020! This year has not been a year that any of us could have foreseen. The majority of us have been affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic in one way or another. Daphne & Claire like the analogy “we might be in different boats but we’re all in the same storm!”  Reminding us that so many things in life are out of our control and if we can adapt and change to the circumstances we find ourselves in it’s better than fighting against these forces. To make the best of things and perhaps even find some peace and joy within the restrictions, hardships and difficult events.


Daphne says “being housebound and curtailed from so much of my usual life has been a big change. I think I’m pretty good at adapting though. As an only child I’m familiar with amusing myself and keeping positive. I’ve got better at Zoom meetings and have many more telephone conversations these last months. I’m still surprised at how much there is to fill the days and wish there was more time!

I’ve been very lucky to have had a modelling job (pictured). The Harrods Christmas Magazine with my close friend David Gant. We had a lovely fun day together, all very COVID secure with a lovely crew. I do hope there will be more – we shall see!”



Claire says “As the year began I thought that this was going to be the year that I got out more. With time off the computer and away from my building project. The March-June UK Lockdown stopped any idea of that right in it’s tracks.

The weather was sunny and gorgeous and after the first weeks of panic and worry it was good to slow down, take stock and go with the flow.

At the beginning of the spring lockdown I started this world puzzle pictured above. It seemed like the world’s hardest puzzle and still does on some days!  I’ve been persevering and working on my patience, learning that it’s the process that’s important and not how many pieces that I fit – especially on the times I look at it and can’t do any!  That it’s a map of the world seems fitting given that as a whole world we have suffered this year together. Maybe, just maybe I can get it finished by March – a year on and find that the world is getting back to some kind of new normal too!

We thought we’d share with you a few of things that have helped us come through as well as we have:


A good night’s sleep with a regular routine

The best diet we can manage for the majority of the time

Occasional naughty treats – Because it feels good to break out. Daphne loves a chocolate or two. Claire has rediscovered cocktails and the fun of a Zoom session mixing up and drinking them together

Exercise everyday and get out in the fresh air

Wear something that lifts your spirits and is colourful and comfortable. Feel stylish, funky or elegant – You could wear PJ’s but we don’t and wouldn’t suggest for all day, everyday

Put on a little bit of makeup and do your hair and nails as you’d normally do – it’ll make you feel brighter

Keep positive and be kind to yourself and others – it’s nice to be nice

If you’ve lost your bounce do something for yourself.  Take a bath, read a book, ring a friend, cook something hearty, make something – learn a new skill.

Be grateful – list the things you are grateful for

Make a difference to someone else and bring a smile to someone else’s face and it might just spread to yours too



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Wishing you a very merry christmas and a happy new year

Stay safe, happy and well

Hope to see you or hear from you in 2021

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