Hats for all and hats for every occasion

Hats for all and hats for every occasion – is this really true in today’s world? Do you wish you could wear hats or are you horrified at the thought?

From wide-brimmed sun hats to furry winter hats, sports caps to formal hats there are hats for every person and every occasion.  There are hats for every climate and weather condition.  Hats don’t have to be kept for a special event but worn every day and in every environment.

What style will work best?

It is well worth finding the time and confidence to add hats to your unique look. If you’re not used to wearing hats take your time to try on different styles to find the best shape to suit your face and body proportions. As a general rule, a wide brim tends to suit taller people but not necessarily so experiment.  A hat should match or compliment your outfit or a hat could be the starting point. It doesn’t matter which comes first.

Hats For All

A good fit is essential

Make it fit properly so once it’s on you forget about it. If you worry about keeping it on you will feel and look stressed and then lose confidence or the hat!

The reason many hats have a Petersham ribbon band inside the crown is so that you can put a couple of stitches to tuck it so it fits snuggly and won’t fly away.  On a windy day choose a smaller brim.

You can sew on a strip of elastic that will go under your hair and/or secure with hat pins which are a good idea for big hats although be careful that you don’t damage the hat.

by Rainer Hosch Hats For All

What to do with hair under a hat?

I prefer hair to look tidy and neat under a hat and away from your face so that it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the hat and you.

If your hair is in a bun it needs to be either under the crown or below the brim. A bun is good for securing hat pins. Flyaway hair can look casual and charming – it really depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and the weather conditions!

Regular restyle of hats

I regularly re-trim to suit my changing tastes or to match a particular outfit using ribbon, brooches, flower bits of lace anything – be creative – be unique!


Hats and the weather

Most everyday hats are sturdier than you think – ie felt hats can cope with the rain pretty well and a crumpled hat that’s been squashed or soaked can be gently reshaped over the steam of a boiling kettle with the lid open – being very careful not to scald yourself.


Where to find hats?

Hat departments are disappearing in the major stores but you may be lucky and find a good collection and there are bespoke milliners if you want a hat made for a special event and there are many wonderful hats to be found on eBay, Etsy, and in vintage and designer agencies and second-hand shops.

Hats For All Occasions


A good outfit is never complete until it has a beautiful hat – the crowning glory!



Aches and Pains | Photographer Mark Playle

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Hats for all and hats for any occasion: What is your favourite hat?  What is your main worry or dislike of hats? Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to know.

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