What do I mean Health is Wealth?


If you don’t have your health then all the money and success in life doesn’t mean anything.  The most important thing is to have good health – health is wealth!  With Winter well on the way here in Great Britain (brrr!) many of us are more concerned with our health than in the Summer months and are trying to avoid colds, flu and aching joints as well as more serious health issues.

Most of us have experienced times when we don’t feel our best and feel old and unattractive in the process.  Conversely, I can say that when I have a spring in my step and my health is robust I feel like a teenager even though I’m in my late eighties.

Health when it’s good is often taken for granted and it’s only when we have lost it that we realise that nothing else is so important.  Sometimes there’s is nothing you can do about it and it’s down to genetics or simple bad luck or many times there are steps we can take to improve our health.

Are you taking enough good care of yourself?  Maintenance and time taken to keep well is never a bad thing.  It makes sense to address it before anything has gone off balance in a big way – it is much easier to keep every part of you in good shape with a tweak rather than a major effort but how many of us put ourselves first in this way even though we know we should?

Health Is Wealth


How’s your diet and exercise program, are you sleeping enough and taking time to relax. Are there unhealthy habits and vices that you know you should change for the better? Are you under large amounts of stress than you can reduce (or try to de-stress from).  Are there vitamins and minerals that make a difference and strengthen your immune system that you could take for example?

Do you pay enough attention to your health?  Let me know what you focus on and what is key to being your optimum self?  Do let me know in the comments below and if you find this article useful, interesting or worthwhile do please share with your friends and family I’d really appreciate it if you can..

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