Natural Beauty

This was a fun interview I did for the Readers Digest which got me thinking about all sorts of things including natural beauty:- Natural Beauty

If I Ruled The World – Daphne Selfe

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When I was asked to advise someone on whether to continue to colour their naturally greying hair I told them to enjoy spending the cost on taking out a friend or family member and do something special together.  Of course you can do both or one or the other – there is no right or wrong.  It all comes down to choices and what is important to you.  Is a cherished memory more important to feeling good about yourself?  I can’t answer that as both are important.  If you’re not going to feel good about your hair going grey maybe now is not the time to let it go ‘au natural’ but maybe you can see a time when it will be the perfect thing to do.  Letting my hair go grey was the making of me.  I’d been doing lots of film extra work and the film companies loved to employ me to do costume dramas on TV and on film as they could style my hair on set and didn’t have to spend their precious budget on getting an expensive wig in for me.  For me it was much more comfortable for a long day filming to not have to wear an itchy and hot wig! Then look what happened – I got discovered at 70 years old and the rest is history.  Having a natural look with my long grey hair made me standout at the time.  Of course there are many more older models now but I like to think I’ve helped things along in the right direction.

Now over to you – what would you change if you ruled the world?

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