Inside My Suitcase Film – Vogue Japan

I filmed a short video feature called Inside My Suitcase for Vogue Japan

Inside My Suitcase Vogue Japan

“These are the things that I have brought today.  They are old (vintage) things really.  This is a dress I bought in a sale, it’s interesting and unusual (black & white long fine knit dress).  And this is my old favourite cardigan, I bought this in the 70s – a longtime ago.  It was an unusual colour at the time (purple) but it suited me so I bought it.  This one is a bit more recent and it is an old Monsoon and it is ever such fun because it’s unusual (orange, black, cream & red).  This is my scarf which I bought on a holiday in the Channel Islands and I seem to have worn that ever since and is about 15 years old.  I don’t seem to have many new things for going on holiday or travelling because I get my favourites.  This one is a raincoat (leopard print) which is by a firm called Dannimac which were quite famous in the 70s and 80s.  These shoes I brought because I had to design them.  They’re by MySwear and I had to say what colours I wanted.  I said I like shocking pink and silver goes with practically anything – I just love them!  I’m very good at packing.  Always roll everything up because that’s the way to make it take up a little room – like this (plus it keeps any creases to a minimum too).  My alarm clock……. (click on the video links for more)

This is the same video again just to make sure you can see it!


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