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Karina is one of the members of the Daphne Selfe Model Family. All students that complete and graduate from my 6 week online course the Daphne Selfe Academy automatically become a part of my model family which is spread right across the world (plus I’m alway so happy to welcome many of my students back free of charge each year for a refresher or to go deeper). It might seem silly to some but it really does feel like a family. I love getting to know my students and continuing to deepen our relationship long after the course is completed. Karina one of my students has put this short video together for you.  I do hope you enjoy it while finding out more about what my modelling course can do for you.

My name is Karina and I’ve done the DSA course.The course provides you with all the essentials you need before you go out and you start your modelling career. I feel confident, I feel ready and I feel like I’ve got the emotional stability and the practical skills and the understanding of what it means to be working as a model.

The bit I enjoyed the most about the course was getting to know Daphne – it’s a really personal course and she gives you all her life experiences and all of her life skills. It makes you feel as if you’re ready and you’re living the experience.

Even if I put modelling aside the course has given me so much confidence and so much self worth and belief in myself. I walk differently, I stand differently, I speak differently, I look people in the eye.The course is just fantastic people skills.

What surprised me most about the course is how Daphne is just always there for me. It’s so personal and it feels like everything was tailor made to me.

Karina's In Daphne's Model Family
Karina's In Are You?
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I hope you have enjoyed learning about Karina’s experience from both the Daphne Selfe Academy and as a member of the Daphne Model Family.

A big thank you and well done to Karina – good luck modelling!

You can join Karina very soon on the next course

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