Makeup as you get older is something many worry about or worse still have lost confidence with and stopped using altogether.

I get to wear fabulous makeup when I’m on fashion shoots and have expert makeup artists apply it using the latest products they’ve researched and like.  The only time I don’t wear any makeup at all is when I’m off to work and need to arrive bare-faced ready for the makeup artist’s magic.  In my day-to-day life I don’t wear anywhere near as much but I always always do put on some:-

  • Mascara to define eye lashes
  • Eyebrow pencil to fill out thinning or fair eyebrows – following the natural arch in a natural hair colour.  Beware of making them too dark as it can be too harsh and ageing
  • Tinted moisturiser cream or lotion for a dewy natural look so the skin doesn’t look dry.  Keep away from powder for this reason
  • Blusher on the apple of the cheeks for a rosy glow – again a colour that tones with your skin and isn’t garish
  • Lipstick – use a colour that compliments your outfit, accessories or own colouring.  It can be bold or natural depending on the look you want

Putting on makeup is part of my daily routine when I get up even when I’m expecting to be home on my own.  You never know who might knock unexpectedly at the door and I feel presentable and good in myself.  It brightens and accentuates my features and there are not many cases where makeup as you get older is not a good idea.  I do see people who with just a little time and effort would look so much better and although I can’t be certain I feel sure they would feel uplifted in themselves.  It doesn’t need to cost much money and I’m a great one for the local chemist and supermarket ranges.  It can be lovely to have expensive designer makes and the packaging and containers are beautiful but the products I use are just as good once they are on my face.

For going out on special occasions and when you are dressing up you can be much bolder than you might imagine:-

  • Apply as listed above but you can use more i.e. another layer of mascara
  • Eyeliner along the eyelash line. Make sure it is soft and not too think as it can be easily overdone!
  • Eyeshadow – You can wear pretty deep colours that compliment your eyes, skin tone and outfit. Fashionable at the moment are beautiful aubergine and purple colours as well as the favourite greys that match my eyes. Always make sure that you blend them in well at the edges
  • For a last touch as a shimmer of highlight on the outer brows and top of the cheeks

Don’t be scared of experimenting – I know there is a great fear of being ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ and looking ridiculous but if you combine being brave and not overdoing it you should strike the right balance.  Cosmetic retailers will love to give advice and make you up with their products if you have the time and confidence to let them – it can be a good way to refresh and update your look.

Do let me know what you think about makeup as you get older and what tips you have to add in the comments below and do share with your family and friends.


Paul Farnham for Quintessential- Makeup as you get older

Photographer Paul Farnham for Quintessential


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