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Mark Forrest’s BBC Radio Show Hip and Cool speaks to Daphne


Hip and Cool

Join Mark Forrest as he brings the best of the day’s BBC Local Radio together.

Mark’s evening programme launched in England and the Channel Islands on 7 January 2013.

The show goes out across all 39 stations, on weekdays between 7pm and 10pm – the only exceptions are for major breaking news stories and sports commentary.

Daphne’s episode is not available on the BBC iplayer but you can listen to a recording of it at the top of the page.

The Mark Forrest Show:-  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p013f6ml

There is a new wave of older models and leading the way is Daphne Selfe.  I’m going to ask you if you don’t mind, how old are you?  Well, yes, because it is half the fun!  You’re 86?  Yes.  And you’re still modelling and you have been modelling for how long?  Since I was 20 with a few gaps for children and things, you know.  When were you rediscovered?  When I was 70.  How did that happen?  Well I’d always done a bit of television work and extra work and I had a lot of agents and one of them said to me one day would you like to do London Fashion Week show for Red or Dead because they knew I’d been modelling in my 20s.  And I said, ooh Yes, what fun!  So there was a man and myself who were asked to do this show and from that I was sort of scooped up to go to be photographed by Nick Knight for Vogue for an article on ageing.  The scout for Models 1 agency was there and said I think we want you on our books and there we are!  I do think they don’t half work you hard because I don’t think there is hardly a week goes by that I don’t open the supplements on a Saturday or Sunday and see you there?  Oh right, well you are better off than I am as I don’t see half of them.

What’s it like know to work in comparison to when you started?  Oh, it is very different really.  I mean, you still have to do the same job but everything is done for you…. click the black line link above to listen to the full Hip and Cool interview (the quality is not the best I’m afraid!)