My Model Family is growing around the world

The Daphne Selfe Model Family is growing around the world and I’d like you to meet some of my students:-

Please enjoy two short videos by clicking on the images below:-

Introducing Karina

My name is Karina and I’ve done the Daphne Selfe Academy course.

The course provides you with all the essentials that you need before you go out and start your modelling career.  I feel confident, I feel ready and I feel like I’ve got the emotional stability and the practical skills and the practical understanding of what it means to work as a model.

The bit I enjoyed most about the course was getting to know Daphne.  It’s a really personal course (.33) and she gives you all of her life experiences and all of her life skills.  It makes you feel as if you’re ready and living the experience.

Even if I put modelling aside the course has given me so much confidence and so much self worth and believe in myself.  I walk differently, I stand differently, I speak differently and I look people in the eye.  The course is just fantastic people skills.

What surprised me most about the course is how Daphne is just always there for me.  It’s so personal and it feels like everything is just tailor made to me.


Introducing Natalie & Irene

I’m Natalie Collier – I’m 44 years old and live in Bunbury, Australia. Modelling is always something I’ve loved and wanted to do.  At the beginning of the course I didn’t have any confidence or posture. Or know anything about the modelling world. I am very happy with this course and I have really enjoyed  doing it. I am very excited I have got my confidence back and I can achieve something at my age and now I can follow my dreams to be a model.

Natalie - Daphne's Model Family

I’m Irene, 62 years old and I live in Ohio, USA. This was a dream come true – the Daphne Selfe workshop (Academy) was so motivating and informative. I wanted to get training from a highly respected expert and I got way more than that! The challenging were motivating and kept me on point. I’m still pinching myself …was my dream come true!

My Model Family - Irene SB

Watch the video above to see modelling images of Natalie & Irene or click here

Want to be part of my model family?  I would so love to welcome you into my wonderful Model Family – I’m very proud of all my students.  Becoming a graduate of the Daphne Selfe Academy is all that is required!

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I do hope you will be able to join me on my next course.  All you have to do for now is make sure your name and email is on the list here

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Daphne & Karina

My Model Family