It’s Modelling Academy Time – The 6 week online modelling course The Daphne Selfe Academy is starting soon

Are you ready to step up to your dream of being a model?


It’s Modelling Academy Time with the Daphne Selfe Academy: Maybe you don’t know what steps to take to make a positive change to feel less awkward and in it’s place confident, beautiful and self assured.  For example if you had the proper training and skills walking into a crowded room, casting or interview situation would never feels as frightening again and would create a very different impression.

Do you say to yourself I wish I could see myself as others see me as I really don’t understand what makes me unique and attractive in their eyes – I just don’t get it?  Would you like to change that this year?

Or maybe you’re constantly told you should be a model or you’ve been scouted and don’t know where to start, who to trust and where you can get support and guidance.

Forever Young by photographer Annie Bundfuss


With the Daphne Selfe Academy you have all you need to know about the modelling life in easy to follow steps conveniently in one place.  I’m there for you every step of the way whether it’s to be the next top model or the best ‘model you’ that’s possible.

Daphne’s Professional Modelling Course

The Daphne Selfe Academy is an online professional modelling course.  It is full of the knowledge and wisdom that Daphne has gained over her long career and successful life.  It is her wish to pass it on to you in an easy and accessible way so you can benefit from her experience. Whether you want to be a model, learn about the modelling industry, update yourself or gain confidence Daphne can help.

Daphne is so looking forward to you joining her on her next Academy.

You can’t enrol yet but you can put your name onto the VIP list to get further information by clicking or tapping the link below and be the first to hear when enrolment is open – plus Daphne has a little something to enjoy by email!

Do let Daphne know why you are interested in doing her Academy in the comments below and she will be in touch again shortly.

Please share with your family, friends and colleagues.

Annie Bundfuss photographer - Modelling Academy Time
PIBE Iakovos - Sid Neigum | Modelling Academy Time
Photographer Annie Bundfuss | Modelling Academy Time

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