Modelling Types – Place For You?


When I started modelling in the 1950s, in my early twenties modelling was rather similar to today with fashion, glamour and advertising being the norm. What was very different was the modelling types considered. A model tended to be of a very limited ‘look’ within very narrow parameters – of height, body shape, skin colour and age etc.

From the 1950s to today there has been great change and awareness. Personally, I noticed a big change in the late 1990s when I was rediscovered at the age of 70. I was asked to do a catwalk show for designer Red or Dead for London Fashion Week. It was the first time an older model had been used for such a high profile show and it made a big impact. It certainly made a very big impact on my life and this ‘new lease of life’ has continued into my twentieth year back modelling which is incredible! What I thought might be a fun 6 months, if I was lucky, has continued on and not stopped yet, I’m so happy to say.

Modelling Types - Daphne Selfe
Modelling Types - Model Daphne Selfe

1960s Z Card left and above a Retouch on OPSM shoot in Sydney, Australia with photographer Gary Heery

The idea that someone in their late eighties, as I am now, modelling high fashion would have been thought ridiculous in the 1990s never mind the 1950s but here I am modelling. There are now models stepping into new careers past the age of their youth when a modelling career was deemed over. This new modelling type, the older model is becoming much more common. Models of every ethnicity, body shape and look are used and in demand which is a wonderful thing.

If you dream of being a model, it really isn’t too late and although there are no guarantees you may just be the modelling type that is wanted.

What about you? What type of model could you be? There’s plenty of places available and even more diversity a good thing. Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear.


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Photographer Rainer Hosch for Kaodachi Japan