Do I Do It On My Own?

I’ve been thinking about  Mothers and Daughters lately.  With graduation events and certificates recently presented from the latest Daphne Selfe Academy.  I’ve been pleased my online modelling course is improving confidence and knowledge for students from Australia, America & Europe – it’s wonderful to be useful and help.

I feel very encouraged that putting all my 66 years of modelling experience and knowhow together is getting great results for others and with feedback such as:-

  • Worth it’s weight in gold
  • I wanted to hear from the expert to improve my knowledge of the modelling industry
  • You have certainly carved a huge path that otherwise would not have been available for so many women today
  • I am honored to have had my workshop experience with you
Academy Graduation Tea at Browns Hotel, London mothers and daughters

Claire and I with two of our wonderful students at one of our Academy Graduation Teas – Browns Hotel, London

Do I Do It On My Own?

The answer is NO – I couldn’t do it without the person I call “The Model Minder” my daughter Claire.  She has been a great strength and support in having this dream of mine fulfilled. Together we have formed a lasting legacy of my work in modelling, style, fashion and wellbeing.  Claire has been responsible for all the online side of things.  The course, website and Daphne News couldn’t have happened without her.  Looking at the recently released portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with her daughter Princess Anne, along with comments from some of our academy students about our Mother & Daughter collaboration, I realise there is a bond of trust and deep understanding that has been able to develop over time.  A lifetime of growing together with many shared values and history.

Queen Elizabeth II & Princess Anne - mothers and daughters

Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday portrait with her daughter Anne, Princess Royal

From setting up the Academy with Claire, I’ve looked back at my own Mother, Irene and seen how much of who I am is from her guidance, values and example. So much of her lives on in me even though it is many years since she died at 95 years old.  I see in Claire those same values being passed on in a fresh way.  It can be something we aren’t aware of on a day to day basis and many of us don’t have the privilege of having such relationships.  Then again all too often we can look at our differences instead of all the positive areas of life where we are in agreement.  From how we conduct and express ourselves or think in ways that are second nature without consciously realising that they have been passed down through the generations.

Of course, working together can be about timing too and I’m so thankful that for Claire and I the time is now. It has been perfect for us to join forces .  I’m loving the experience and what we are creating together and hope you do too.

How has your mother or a mother figure influenced your style or confidence?

Do you see your example being passed on to the next generation with a present day twist?

Do please comment below and share with your family and friends and on social media.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten - Alone Again, Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters by Julia Fullerton-Batten – click for further information