Old Fashioned – Daphne updates her handbag & shoe choices


Each day we wake up is another day older – something we should be embracing and celebrating. Getting stuck in our ways and being seen as old fashioned is a horror that many of us don’t want at any age. Staying current and appropriate is something that Daphne is really good at. Knowing when life long habits and fashions need updating takes a good eye (the inner artist in us all and in some of us it might need a bit of developing, but it is there). 

Daphne has lived by rules that never change. Great rules such as good posture, daily exercise and activity, being professional, on time and courteous to name a few. A rule she has recently reviewed and adapted is a life long fashion rule that matching shoes and handbag is very important. Well, it’s time to update this rule for today’s freer world.

Is matching shoes and handbag so last year?


It’s become a fashion statement to have a bag that stands out in its own right. One that may match your shoes, the colour of your coat or dress. It could match a scarf, gloves or a sparkly something.  It could just as likely be in complete contrast or even clash with everything else. You decide and be creative.  

In the examples above the red bag compliments Daphne’s dress. The dark green snakeskin bag doesn’t match anything in Daphne’s outfit (the same with Grand-daughter Grace’s bag & jumpsuit). The cream bag matches Daphne’s coat and in the last image, her bag matches her shoes neutral tones.

Is matching or not matching something that you do and consider? Of course, this is different from not caring and just throwing things together without a thought – we don’t mean that at all! Old fashioned is one thing, not making any effort is well, not good – you deserve better than that! 

Sticking to an old rule may serve you well. Matching shoes and handbag might be your go-to thing that still works. BUT if you want to spice up your look give it a go. Old fashioned or right on trend can be a very subtle change. Experimenting is key to updating and staying relevant. You may already have everything you need in your wardrobe. But then again, perhaps it’s a good excuse to add just one new statement bag and jazz up your look. 

Do you stick with long-held fashion rules and passed down customs? Hate the thought of being old-fashioned in your choices and are ready to jazz up your look. Or are you happy to stay with what you know – why change what has worked for so long?  Do let us know in the comments below as we’d love to hear.

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