When it comes to colour are you playing safe and reaching for the unobtrusive and familiar option?  Are you confused or lacking in confidence so you dare not experiment? Do you think it depends on your age or figure? I notice that this happens a lot and I want to encourage you to be bolder and enjoy how it makes you feel. Changing our physical presence does have an effect on our emotional well-being with the two aspects being connected. By embracing a colourful outlook physically I guarantee it will have an uplifting effect on both yourself and everyone around you!

Some tips I can pass on from my 87 years of experience to get you going are:-

Start with a scarf in your favourite colour or make a statement with a colourful bag or pair of shoes.

Select clothing in a beautiful colour for the area of your body you like best and want to draw attention to. Leaving other parts to more ‘uneventful’ colours.

Learn which colours best suit your skin tone and stick to these colours near your face. For example if you have a fair complexion and want to wear acid yellow you can still wear it just have it further down your body – your skirt or trousers. Compliment it with a softer flattering colour on your top half. You want the colour to accentuate you and not be drowned out by it!

Also as we evolve and our colouring changes remember to update your wardrobe. When I was a brunette and suntanned I loved to wear very bright orange and now I’m ‘silver’ I still wear orange but not of such a bright tone just slightly softer. If you purposefully change your hair colour adapt your wardrobe at the same time.

Choosing one or two complimenting main colours is usually enough so that you remain elegant and not overdone.

If you have something in your wardrobe that you love but is of rather a boring colour you can make it look striking with a statement piece of jewellery, belt or funky tights.

The same applies if you have to wear a uniform or a particular dress code think where you can put some colour in an appropriate way such as your lipstick, eyeshadow and nail polish. Getting the balance between fitting in and being unique can take some practice to get right – be brave and it will become natural as you develop your confidence and your own colour style.

Have fun combining colours together that you haven’t done before. Fashion rules are much more relaxed these days and anything goes – if it works, it works!

Now, look in the mirror and ask yourself – do I look uplifting, bright and colourful? I hope the answer is a big cheerful YES or that with my tips you can put this right.

Let’s make our world a more vibrant colourful place starting with us!

You deserve it

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