Portrait Present

Whilst staying at the glorious Dumfries House for the Boswell Book Festival in Ayrshire I was given a surprise present – a portrait!


Being presented with my portrait by Andrew Attard – Editor of Ayrshire Times

It is painted by one of the leading golf artists. A Scotsman called Craig Campbell. He has said that the eye is the key to a successful portrait but he is equally as skilled at landscapes too. His attention to detail and use of colour has won him many fans from professionals to serious art collectors from all over the world. Over recent years his original oil paintings covering people such as Samuel Ryder holding the Ryder Cup and of golfers past and present including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and other sportsmen such as Andy Murray the tennis player and Sir Bradley Wiggins the cyclist. His attention to detail and extremely beautifully produced lifelike artwork make him very popular – I can see why.

Daphne Portrait

Daphne at home with her new portrait

I have been researching the artist and find that he was born in Prestwick, Ayrshire, in 1960. This area of Scotland is full of golf courses so maybe that is the reason that so much of his inspiration has come from sport and its personalities. Craig studied at The Glasgow School of Art and then spent his early years working in London as a Graphic Illustrator for several of the leading agencies before becoming freelence. His close attention to detail soon led to exhibitions including a touring one of the USA and a show at the British Open. I read that Craig’s accuracy and genuine enthusiasm for sport helps him to capture the fleeting moments on canvas with all the speed and energy of the real time . Maybe it is the energy in my spirit and the young horse woman and dancer inside me that caught his eye?

Portrait Present by Craig Campbell

Why My Portrait?

I can’t begin to imagine how he came to paint a portrait of me when I am so different to his usual subjects and I have never even played golf.  But I am delighted that he has and I do love it.  How amazing that he has gifted it to me so unexpectedly!  Life is full of surprises isn’t it?

I do hope that I will get to meet him one of these days.

Have you had a portrait done or maybe you can do portraits?  What wonderful gift or surprise has happened to you lately?  Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear from you.  Please share with your friends and family if you think they may enjoy and benefit from my Daphne News in some way.

For further information on the Boswell Book Festival go to:- UK Literary Festival Book Tour

Dumfries House – Ayrshire, Scotland – I could write a whole Daphne News on how wonderful Dumfries House is and how used to staying there I could get!

Craig Campbell can be contacted through his web site at www.craigcampbellart.co.uk

PS, I met Craig Campbell in London and we shared coffee together and I met his lovely family – feeling blessed!

Portrait Present

Yes, I got to meet Craig Campbell