A private club idea: The Model Minder, Claire and I have for sometime been thinking about what you our wonderful online friends and family might like. Importantly, what you might need or want to make life even better. Focussing on the areas of modelling, fashion, beauty, hair, makeup, exercise, nutrition & attitude – all the things you know me for. So we’ve come up with a first draft of a plan. Before we go charging off in the wrong direction we wanted to share our thoughts on our private club idea with you. First of all to see if you like these plans!

This is the time to have you say and make any comments and suggestions and get involved.  We’d be most happy to receive all thoughts and would like to encourage you to join in at the start of this exciting journey.



As you already know my wonderful Model Family (Graduates from my modelling course The Daphne Selfe Academy) is growing around the world. I know I keep mentioning it but I’m so proud of them. Each person a unique and wonderful person that Claire and I love interacting with. Who are going from strength to strength in their lives. As I was having such a special 90th Birthday Party this summer I sent this exclusive group an invite to join me. It was so amazing to have a few of them celebrate along with my family and friends.

Even more special was seeing how excited and keen they were to meet each other. Swapping stories and getting to know each other. Those who flew across the world enjoyed London together over the following few days and I’m sure they are still in touch. For many it just was not practical and they were sad to not be able to join in the fun and I felt sad about that. It really spurred Claire on to start turning our private club ideas into a reality.



An online community for women in mid-life and onwards with shared dreams and desires of making the best of themselves. A place to champion ourselves and each other to lead full vibrant lives whatever our circumstances.

A safe place to share, learn and support each other in:







Foremost an encouraging place to express yourself, get to know yourself better, learn and perfect new skills, grow and help others.

TO BE:    #yourownselfe     #beconfidentandfeelbeautiful



Entry will be on application and selection by myself and Claire along with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. For the inital beta testing group there will be a modest charge. The Selfe Aware Club will be Open for FREE to all current Graduates of the Daphne Selfe Academy and Selfe Confidence Course.



Members will be expected to conduct themselves in a postive, kind, discrete, honest and safe way (what happens in the Selfe Aware Club stays in the Selfe Aware Club). Anyone not keeping to these standards will be hastily removed firmly and politely.



This private club idea is not happening quite just yet but it’s arrival is planned for 2019 – unless of course the majority of you say “no” and think it a terrible idea!  But I hope you’ll think it’s great and want to be involved. Because you know that a place with good old fashioned rules and courtesies combined with all the best of the modern world – is a bit like me. I hope you’d agree, it’s a good thing!

Now I’m dashing off to do a photoshoot and video for a holiday special for a fashion brand…..


Six Questions:

1) Are you interested in The Selfe Aware Club?

2) Which topics are you most interested in? Modelling, Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Makeup, Exercise, Nutrition, Attitude +

3) Which one of the above topics do you find particularly challenging and would like support in?

4) What is the most important aspect of belonging – is it for:

Community, Safety (Secure & Discrete), Friendship, Fun,

Learning (Knowledge & Advice), Q&A sessions,

Communication from me or other?,

5) What else would you like included and any comments?

6) Which start up fee or charge do you think is most appropriate at this begining stage?

a)£15 pm (£150 pa) / $20 pm ($200 pa)

b)£20 pm (£200 pa) / $26 pm ($260 pa)

c)£25 pm  (£250 pa) / $32 pm ($320 pa)

Please click the purple button to answer these 6 questions anonymously.

Or you can answer in the comments below if you prefer.

If you love the idea of The Selfe Aware Club and want to be the first to know more please put your email address on the list HERE

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to be part of this – let’s build a private club that will connect us around the world in a empowering and uplifting way with happiness, strength and joy.


As a result of your feedback I’ll be back in touch on this exciting prospect.

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