Art By Daphne Notelets


A pack of 6 notelets featuring original artwork by Daphne Selfe with matching envelopes


Art By Daphne Notelets are a collection of 6 notelets featuring 6 of Daphne’s own artwork.


For most of her life Daphne has loved to paint to relax and her homemade cards are popular with her family, friends and in her home town and surrounding area.  We thought it was time to stop keeping them to ourselves and to share them with the wider world.  So we have printed a selection of Art by Daphne Notelets for you to enjoy with your family & friends.


Art By Daphne Notelets


Daphne’s inspiration for this set of cards has been the natural world around her but we have also included one of her most popular, the painting of a collection of balloons and with it thoughts of celebration.  The originals were done in acrylic

Click or tap here for more information here – Daphne News blog post about art and the notelets.

For more about Daphne click HERE


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