Autographed Daphne’s Memoir

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Autographed copy of Daphne’s memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes signed personally for you or dedicated to a person of your choice.

Daphne is happy to sign and write a special dedication for you (make sure you fill in your request in the optional order notes).

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1 review for Autographed Daphne’s Memoir

  1. S M

    Dear Daphne, I began reading your book immediately and read it to the last page. Congratulations, it is a gem! It is about age; yet the language is full of charming good humour. It smiles and bounds along eagerly, with love of living.
    Without rambling too much, I’d mention there are pearls stung out along the line of your narrative; pearls of true and useful wisdom that you have magically remembered from other lips or
    dropped as if accidently from your.own hand; so the story is thoughtful yet stops short of being dismissive. They halt my reading just enough to make me take in their shape, and I like that.
    Didn’t we live through marvellous times?
    With respect & love

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