Is it time to reinvent yourself or not! When should you reinvent, adapt or update your style and when to keep to your trusted signature look.

Like many things in life there are no hard and fast rules and many of us amble along not really knowing or giving it much thought. Underlying it all with a feeling of anxiety that we’ve become outdated, frumpy or the dreaded opposite of ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ ie dressing too young for our current stage in life and lifestyle. Horrified to be seen as old-fashioned, ridiculous or invisible! Does it matter what others think of ourselves? This is a big question which if our confidence and self-esteem is high is less important. But what is always important is how we feel and view ourselves.

The years fly by come what may – goodness, my youngest grandchild, Robin is about to turn 21 years old and Claire, who you know, my middle child and oldest daughter is about to turn 60 next month!  Claire and I are committed to keep challenging and changing views on age. The common views on what 60 and 90 years old looks like is becoming outdated, I think you’d agree. Sadly, there can be health issues and many other things that have to be taken into account. But more and more people are able to live longer fuller lives nowadays.




Questions to ask: 

a) How do I feel about my style? Does it make me feel uplifted, positive, energised and happy or calm and peaceful? What else is important – are you comfortable?

b) Is your style low or high maintenance ie ironing or drycleaning etc?Is my character and personality reflected in my current look?

c) Does my style (clothing, accessories, makeup, hair and jewellry) compliment my lifestyle, family and friends, job, hobbies, community. Note: compliment which doesn’t mean the same as everyone around you. You can still be unique and stand out or blend in as appropriate (unless of course you have a uniform to wear – that’s quite a different thing).

d) What is my current life experience? For example a new parent caring for a young baby will have particular needs. Or if you are in mourning for a loved one this could be another important chapter of your life to reflect in your style. 

e) Are my resources in tune with my style desires? One of Mother’s favourite sayings was ‘A champagne lifestyle on a ginger beer income’. There are creative ways to dress expensively and look a million dollars and keep the bank balance in the black. It’s not worth adding to financial stress for the sake of style. 



The next step to reinvent yourself (or not) is to take your answers to the above questions and look at two things: 

f) Assess your unique self – bodyshape, hair & skintone – remember to use a kind eye. You want to be truthful with yourself without damming or harsh.

g) What is your current style and does it make you feel good and serve you in your life? Try and forget all the preconceptions that will come to mind. Silly things like a short skirt isn’t allowed after a certain age – the fabulous cheographer Gillian Lynne wore short skirts right up into her 90s. They suited her style, life and figure and she looked amazing. I on the other hand have never worn them because my leg proportions (short lower leg and long thigh) doesn’t make them look right or I should say make me look good in them. 



Finally, once you’ve done this you should be in a stronger position. One where know you are happy with your style and how you express it or ready for a few little tweaks. If you’re feeling like a major update we’d suggest that you don’t rush but take your time and let it involve. Familiar items that you’ve had for years can be updated with accessories or with funky footwear and a trendy bag. The key is balance and experimenting! 


Above all, taking into account any limitations that you may have we do hope that some of these tips may help you to squeeze a bit of extra oomph and positivity out of your life and feel more confident and alive.

PS: Notice that not once is your current age mentioned – we don’t think it’s always that relevant! Do you agree or not? Do let us know in the comments below. #beyourownselfe

Next time….

Not sure what your trusted signature look is? If you can get clear on this it will give you a clear foundation and set of rules that only apply to you which will boost your confidence. Plus it will really cut the time you take in making decisions when looking at what your are going to wear or adding new items to your wardrobe.  Do look out for the next Daphne News where Claire and I will going into this in detail.

This image is of Daphne in an outfit that was handed down to her by her Mother-In-Law – most likely from the 1930s. We’ve used it to illustrate that anything can be adapted to look good. Sometimes you have to wait a while for the fashion roundabout to go around again! Daphne has teamed this beautiful tunic with black trousers and a gold necklace.

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