Rejected Often

I’m rejected often, are you? How do you cope with rejection? Is rejection something you shy away from or embrace? How do you deal with rejection on a longterm basis? Does it affect your self confidence?

In the life of a successful model rejection is a common place experience. One which applies in many walks in life and one that isn’t talked about enough. Here I shall concentrate on what it’s like in a modelling life as that is the one I know about best. You may be surprised to know that I lose many more castings than I get and I’m so used to it that it doesn’t hurt. Because it’s just how my life is and I thought I’d see if I could explain my thinking and how I handle dealing with rejection.

For many of us a rejection can be a crushing blow and one that is hard to spring back from. Rejection after rejection can build up and eat away at self confidence. Leaving you feeling like a regular reject! But life is often full of different types of rejections. It’s good to develop a set of tools to call on when rejections come thick and fast.

Strengthen Rejection Coping Muscles

The main thing is to not take a rejection personally. On the one hand it is personal – it’s aimed at you but if you can step back from the situation and see the bigger picture. A client is looking to achieve a certain look or style and you may have it or you may not. It’s just that and no more. So you can see clearly that it isn’t about you at all.

Make the most of each and every situation. Every casting call is an opportunity to experience new things, meet new people, go new places, see unexpected old friends and colleagues. Learn something new and a multitude of things that could change the course of your life for the better whether you are a rejected often or a blossoming success. Remember there may be others vying for the one spot going. Would you call those in the running with you failures? I don’t think so so don’t judge yourself harshly.

Live life in the moment. Moments pass and you are on to the next. Feelings of rejection come in when your mind dwells on a wishful outcome and you build dreams based on possibilities. They are natural of course but they are only possibilities. Possibilities that may come to be or may not. Feell proud that you have done your best in every moment and carry on to what’s next. The rest is out of your control so don’t cling on to a hope. It’s in someone else’s hands, don’t dwell, move on to the next moment with grace and positivity.

Dealing With Rejection

Remember if you were to look into the lives of many super successful people you would see that they have suffered many rejections and setbacks. Rejected often or not they keep practicing and perfecting skills. the ability to keep going is their key to success.

Importantly, be full of optimisim for the next time. Things have a habit of working out perfectly if we relax and enjoy the little things on the way.

Be delighted when things turns out how you want and enjoy the moment.

Let’s not worry about being rejected often – embrace it and be comfortable. It means you’re stepping out, taking chances and opportunities. Tackling change – nothing ever does stay the same.

Is dealing with rejection difficult for you and/or what do you do to cope with it. Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear

Grandson Jack – Offshore Yachtsman

Here I am with my Grandson Jack Trigger of Trigger Racing. He knows all about managing disappointments and takes them in his stride along with his fair share of success. As an off-shore racing yachtsman he lives the life of an adventurer racing across oceans. He is just about to compete in the Route Du Rhum. A 3500nm solo race across the Atlantic Ocean from France to Guadeloupe.

At 21 years of age he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and said recently in The Sunday TImes “The key thing for me is that I was so far down the rabbit hole of wanting to be an offshore sailor when I was diagnosed that it just wasn’t going to stop me,” he says. “But if I didn’t have that to drive me through it, one person saying ‘you can’t do this’ might have affected me. And I don’t want anyone else to have that.” 

I will be sending you an extra update about Jack in a few days time which I can’t resist – you’ll see why! Do wish him well on this epic journey (his first solo transatlantic) and follow his progress. Next time I will include links to the tracker hopefully on Sunday 4th the race start.

A Proud Granny

Click on the image or link below to read the Route du Rhum interview with Jack  


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