Do You Have An Exercise Routine?

When do you need an exercise routine and when to let it go?

I think it is very important to have a set of routines to set yourself up for a healthy and long active life and to squeeze the most out of everyday.

Mine includes doing my daily exercises every morning.  I do a mixture of yoga, pilates and dance exercises that I have developed over the years which works for me plus 15 minutes on my exercise bike.  The main thing is to do something you like that gets your body moving and keeps you active.

Do I do them every single day?  The answer to that is if an exciting opportunity comes my way and means I can’t fit the time in I don’t worry.  There’s always a set of stairs to spring up or a fast walk to take!

I love my routines but I love the amazing jobs and adventures I’m having even more.  I believe I wouldn’t have one without the other!

For those of you enrolled to start with the Daphne Selfe Academy I’m so excited that we are starting on Monday week the 26th October.  It’s not too late to enrol and join us.