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Daphne & Claire’s Selfe Aware Club


An online community for women in midlife

 who love fashion, style, beauty, makeup 

and a healthy lifestyle




Daphne Selfe BEM – the world’s oldest professional model – Guinness Book of Records 1984

Run by daughter Claire with Daphne to inspire and draw on. Daphne continues to model and is famous for her ninety plus years of knowledge and wisdom in modelling, fashion and life experience.    

Increase your confidence and youthful outlook in a private positive place.  Share, learn and be curious with like-minded women from around the world.  Become an even more stylish and elegant woman in a natural no fuss way.  All qualities Daphne puts down to her success and happiness.

Have the support of a community and take care of yourself by growing a vibrant identity that continues to blossom more and more with each day.


Confident and Beautiful no matter your age!

Introduction from Daphne & Claire

Daphne and Claire’s Selfe Aware Club is an online club to pop in, spend time and hang out on your computer, tablet or mobile. It’s for women who love fashion, style, beauty and a healthy lifestyle.

Women who believe, or want to believe, that life gets better as the days go by.  A safe and secure place to develop inner confidence, skills and a positive outlook. It’s about being your best self naturally and feeling more beautiful as time passes by. We know it’s possible from the great example that Daphne gives.

With Daphne as the club figurehead with her youthful outlook and fizzing energy wonderfully combined with grace and elegance. Daphne has the ability to look stylish, beautiful and poised along with being relaxed, friendly and approachable at all times.  How does she do it?  If you come across her popping into the local newsagent to pick up a paper (usually with her picture in it more often than not) or if you called on her unexpectedly you’ll find this is true. It’s not just about incredible photoshoots although we love those too!

Daphne still modelling in her 90s doesn’t do retiring – why would she? She’s having too much fun and continues to squeeze everything she can out of life. Daughter Claire is guiding the club as a positive, uplifting place in tribute and honour to her mother and to inspire us by Daphne’s example.

Confident and Assured


Daphne with her ninety plus years of knowledge and wisdom to draw on in modelling and life experience has throughout her life been confident and assured. She knows her good physical attributes and how to draw attention away from her not so good ones (yes, really, she has them like us all!) She just knows, seemingly effortlessly, how to be stylish, appropriate for both her stage in life and her youthful outlook. And where does she get so much energy from?


Daughter, Claire, in her sixties, is of a more sensitive nature and has struggled with inner confidence (you might not have guessed). Now developing into her new career as a model in her own right they make a good combination together. Between them, they understand many of the challenges and problems and how to help. They are both open to ongoing learning and staying curious – something Daphne puts down to her youthful outlook.


Many Women Struggle


Most women struggle with some or many of the areas that Daphne seemingly effortlessly excels in.  Don’t you deserve your best life?  Be your best self with Daphne to inspire with her example and with a likeminded community around you.  A place to encourage each other, share in our successes and being a comfort during the failures – a true, honest and kind group. There is no judgement or expectation – just BE you and pick up some of Daphne’s outlook and attitudes along the way.  



How does the Selfe Aware Club run?


Regularly introducing a different topic to focus on and explore together

Question sessions 

Online forum 24/7 in private Facebook group encouraging interaction when you’re ready

A place for inspiration when your feeling shy and just want to look in

Video sessions with Facebook with the recording available if you can’t make it to any live sessions

Claire available mostly with Daphne joining in sometimes

Club rules to be kind, honest and open (those who are not will be asked to leave)

What goes on in the Selfe Aware Club stays in the Selfe Aware Club – a confidential and safe place



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Daphne and Claire's Selfe Aware Club

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