What is your signature look? Do you have a clear look that you are happy with or does it need some refining? Plus why knowing it can be an advantage! 

A signature look can be anything you like. For example, it could be a particular colour or range of colours that you feel represents you, suits you, how you feel and fits the lifestyle that you lead. Do you have a love for a certain accessory, one that brings you joy and that you just love? 



How do you feel about colour? Are you a person who loves black or neutrals. Perhaps you like vivid colours or more pastel shades? Which colours look good on you – this is very important. The wrong colour for your skin tone, hair & eye colour can make you look washed out or even unwell in the extreme if it’s near your face. The right colours for you will show you off to your best and can lift your spirits and make you feel good.

Maybe you love shoes or handbags or is it jewellery. Perhaps you love hats or are scarves your thing? 

Perhaps you take delight in having elaborate nails, hair or makeup? With everything else leading on from there.

Bodyshape must be taken into consideration too. A signature look that compliments your unique body shape can enhance all your best bits in all the right places. Do remember that this can change either with fluctuating weight but also with ageing.

Of course, it can be a type of clothing. Do you just love to look casual in jeans and leather jackets? Or maybe it’s a more put together look?  

Unique Style


Your unique style can express so much about you. For instance, are you portraying yourself as you want to be seen or is it some unplanned disaster? Above all having your own signature look can help in many areas. Such as saving you lots of time, money and stress to improving your confidence, self-esteem and joy.

For example, Daphne’s style is bright colours, flowing clothing that is comfortable and not constricting, layering in complimenting or contrasting colours, maybe a scarf and one or two pieces of funky jewellery (often of cats!) low heeled and supportive footwear and at any chance a hat!  


Adjust and tweak as necessary


Daphne’s been shrinking in height these last few years which means her waist is less defined as her ribs are closer to her hips. Clothing with a strong waistline or a belt just doesn’t look right on her anymore. As she’s not happy with the look it’s a change she’s had to work around and adapt to. The ‘column’ look is a strong part of her signature look nowadays and works well. The exception to this might be a photoshoot where lighting and camera angles can compensate. But then anything goes on a modelling job and that’s half the fun. Here we’re talking about the everyday and personal look!

Daphne & Claire with Fred of The Fred Company by Rosie Collins Photography

Daphne in St Ives Artists Studio

To sum up, by getting clear and focussed on your signature look you can improve your level of confidence and feelings of beauty and attractiveness. Whilst freeing your time up when it comes to the choices you make in your daily life and when out shopping. You’ll know exactly which sections or colours to go for and which to ignore. Including which new fashion trend you want to include to freshen up your look and keep it evolving. As well as which to pass by. Putting an outfit together from your wardrobe will be a quick and stress-free moment. 

A signature look is entirely up to you and we hope your unique choices and expression show off the best you – one that you are proud and happy with.

After some initial time and thought it will lead to less worry and more fun – sounds good to us!


What is your signature look?


Lastly, what is your signature look or unique style? Has this Daphne News: Signature Look helped in any way? We’d love to hear – do let us know in the comments. 


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