I was so wrong but let me give you a bit of background first. It was a while back now: Daphne and I had only been together once in the last 5 months on her 92nd Birthday on 1st July. This was as England’s lockdown was relaxed a bit and we could meet in her garden for a small family celebration of fewer than 6 people. As this is a good few weeks ago now I thought we must arrange to see each other again soon.  In normal times before the Covid-19 pandemic, we’d meet regularly in London. We live on opposite sides of the city and the train system is good and easy for us both.  Daphne would be in London two or three times on an average week – modelling, visiting her agent, doing interviews and charity work, going to museums, art galleries, shows and meeting up with friends. 

Energetically, as always, Daphne would be pounding the streets and keeping fit, active and up with so many things that London has to offer.  This has all changed for now and although London is perfect for being a tourist with no crowds (as sadly there are no overseas tourists and many workers are working from home) it’s not something that appeals to either of us at the present time.  Quite rightly everything has to be booked and planned out beforehand and a rigid schedule kept too.  The spontaneity is gone and the idea of public transport and an empty city not so appealing. 

Daughter Claire

Daphne & Claire with Academy Graduate Jane

Daphne for TKMaxx Give up clothes for good campaign @jasonbellphoto



I put my thinking cap one as I wondered what Daphne might like to do that I could make happen for her.  Her local friends are visiting and taking her out so she’s not short of company. They visit garden centres and each other in their gardens. Plus she is now back to a daily walk to her local grocery and other shops in her market town.  Queuing for more than a few minutes is avoided and if this is the case she will go another time.  I thought to myself “Daphne loves clothes and hasn’t had the chance to have a look in any clothes shops recently I expect she’d love that”.  I know you can’t try clothing on and have to take a chance with a purchase or two which you can then return if it isn’t the right fit or suits you. But half the fun of looking and shopping together is the dressing room experience and trying different looks out.




When I announced my idea Daphne surprised me with her reply!  “No thank you, I’ve got so many clothes at home that I don’t have the opportunity to wear at the moment. If I want to do any looking and trying on I can do that from my own wardrobe whenever I like”.  I’ve probably forgotten about some of the things I have in there and I don’t need anymore – I can have a good rummage without going out”. 

Wow, of course, Daphne is so right.  There are clothes in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn lately. There are ones that aren’t suitable for the time of year but there are summery dresses and outfits that I could be wearing in this incredible hot spell we’re having at the moment.  I immediately went to my own wardrobe and pulled out a lovely dress that I’d usually keep to wear out for lunch and put in on straightaway.  It brightened my day at home.

But then again, I have bought one new item and it’s a gorgeous dress that I will wear when I see Daphne in a few days times.  At her request we’re going to a beautiful restaurant where we hope to dine in the garden – I’m hoping the weather will hold……

Do you miss the clothes shopping experience as it used to be?

Have you got things in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about?

Are you wearing fabulous outfits every day whatever the day holds?

Do you enjoy online clothes shopping (we’re not that keen – all that packaging and having to send back if not right)?

If someone was treating you to an outing – what would it be? 

Do let us know what you think in the comments section below as we’d love to hear.

We do hope that you are doing well and staying healthy in these difficult times – and being your fabulous best self.


Day Out Update


Daphne had her day out treat yesterday. She loved it and enjoyed every minute. It was even more special for being such a rarity these last months of Covid-19 Pandemic.

The English weather had taken a turn for the worse, of course, as it’s famous for!  After 5 months of blue skies and some unbelievably high temperatures and mostly wall to wall sunshine, it was cloudy and dank all day but that didn’t spoil the fun. It meant a wardrobe change and Daphne chose a longsleeved dress in a beautiful green with matching cardigan.

We went to the Michelin Guide featured and County Dining Pub of The Year 2020. The Black Horse Inn, Ireland, Bedfordshire, England – yes, that always makes us smile as it’s Ireland in England and not the Emerald Isle!

The food and service were fabulous as you’d expect of an award-winning Inn.  The social distancing and Covid-19 safety precautions were very good and we felt safe and comfortable. Daphne had Sea Bass with Spicy Thai sauce and Kohlrabi Salad. Claire had  Tuna with Wild Rice plus a delicious Raspberry and Hedgerow Gin. …..And Icecream to follow.

Doesn’t Daphne look fabulous as ever? She’s all ready for modelling so let’s hope it starts up again soon.  In the meantime along with Claire she’ll have Modelling Students to look after which will be fun – do see below and come along too:

Coming Soon





The Daphne Selfe Academy is a 6-week online course. It contains all of Daphne’s unique modelling experience from the 1950s up to the present day. The perfect course to learn all about modelling and the modelling industry. A great way to improve your confidence through obtaining the skills of a model. You don’t need to be a model or wannabe to do it but if it’s a dream then now would be a perfect time. 

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