Daphne Talks to Steve Wright

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Daphne Selfe is one of Britain’s most in demand super models and has been photographed by Mario Testino, Nick Knight, David Bailey and has modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Red or Dead and countless High Street stores.  At 87 Daphne is the World’s oldest working super model. and shows on signs, whatsoever of slowing down.  She’s even claimed that she will never retire.  Never?  Never retire?

Good afternoon, how are you?  “I’m absolutely fine thank you and I hope I shall go on for a bit longer”.  Well, you can go on for certainly another 20 years at least and you’re still absolutely gorgeous-beautiful.  What do you do to keep yourself in shape and keep looking as good?

“Well, I don’t really know I just live sort of normally and I have very good genes from my mother and father.  Long-lived and good looking parents and I eat properly.  I exercise and do all those sorts of things and drink water – you name it and I try and do it.  Put I was brought up like that.  You know in the war we couldn’t have much and so you’re used to no overdoing anything”.  Do you eat well.  “Yes, I do, I eat quite a lot.  I always eat breakfast I have a great plate of muesli, fruit and all that and green tea and one thing and another.  And I always have elevenses and a cup of coffee or something and I always have lunch.  I usually have a salad if I’m home with fish or meat.  I don’t have many puddings unless it is a special occasion.”  You don’t go out and get a pie from Greggs?  “Occasionally, but not every day!” On the whole I make my own food.

Just published her memoirs The Way We Wore, a nice play on words, W O R E: A Life in Clothes, the book is about her life long love affair with clothes and fashion from her childhood party frocks of the 1930s to appearing in Vogue for the first time when she was aged 70.

When did you find yourself first as a model and what was your first jobs?  The first job was when I was working in a department store as an assistant and all the girls were going for a competition for a covergirl for the local county magazine……click on one of the links above to listen further to the Steve Wright interview