Incredibly here in the UK it was summer outfits everyday as we’ve had the most amazing summer – long hot days where the sun beat down on us for weeks and weeks on end.  Not something we experience very often with our usual changeable climate. It meant our summer wardrobes got a really good outing – all those beautiful flowing summer dresses and pretty sandals came into their own and out from lurking in the back of the cupboard. How wonderful it was to be out and about without a cardigan, raincoat or umbrella. It was so hot it was actually a bit of a shock when it became evident it was here for more than a couple of days with cries of where’s the sunblock, sunhat, fan or why don’t we have air conditioning!

summer outfits to autumn calls

The highlight of the Summer for me was my 90th birthday – how did that happen!  I had such a wonderful time and still find myself being spoilt with ongoing celebrations and treats from my wonderful friends and family.  Now we are approaching Autumn and Summer is almost done it seems the right time to consider what’s next for me and the online world here at Daphne News. It has been good to take time out from normal computer based activities. Sometimes it is good to stop and give yourself the time to refresh. The Model Minder, Claire my daughter and I have found we are eager to make new plans, adapt, rebuild and see what we want to bring to you next.  As we pack away our summer outfits it’s an exciting time.

Over the next few weeks we shall make these plans and let you know what changes we are making in our next Daphne News. We want to keep relevant, useful and inspiring!

Hoping that you have had a wonderful last few months and are keen for new projects and direction now September is upon us – what is going to be new for you?  Did you have a new summer outfit this year that you loved?  Do let me know in the comments below:

Relevant, Useful & Inspiring
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