An Older Model

Click and listen to Daphne’s 12 minute interview on 2nd November 2015 on The Lifestyles Show, Talk Radio Europe with Selina Mackenzie (apologies for the sound quality).  Daphne Selfe an older model with zest for life.

Talk Radio Europe Daphne Selfe


Daphne Selfe - older model

One of Britain’s successful models who has been in demand for the last twenty years.  And what really makes her rather extraordinary is that she is now in her late eighties.  She’s here to tell us about her life and her new book.  Thank you for joining us Daphne. “Thank you for having me on your programme”.  Well I think you are incredible and you look incredible, I’d like to ask you at what age did you start modelling?  Well I started when I was twenty by mistake really.  I did a few years then and then I got married and thought I wouldn’t do anymore.  I did do extra work in television and things like that as an extra”.

“My agent knew that I’d done a bit of modelling when I was in my twenties and when I was seventy I was asked to do the catwalk for London Fashion Week and I thought why not!  I did the show then for Red or Dead and the stylist on that, a little while later, that Vogue were doing an article on ageing and why don’t you see about that.  So I did and I was photographed by Nick Knight and at the session the scout for Models 1 was there and she said I think we want you on our books and the rest as they say is history!”

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Talk Radio Europe Daphne Selfe