Talking Curls And All About Them


Talking curls has been a topic in Daphne’s household that never goes away. Daphne’s hair has always had a wave to it and plenty of body. Even so, it would never have been called super curly. Now, that it’s silver grey (which changes the texture), long and rather thinner than it used to be you can see that it still has a bit of a wave to it and is not poker straight. Daughter Claire, on the other hand, has wild curly hair which has a life of its own – and always has done!

Managing and being confident with a naturally wild head of hair can take getting used to. Recent trends seem to make so many women straighten and flatten a natural curl into non-existence! Much to Daphne’s dismay a lot of people spend a lot of time and effort into conforming to a sleek controlled look which she feels is rather sad. With there not being as much variety in a cross-section of hairstyles as there could be.

Claire is fortunate to have had a mother that repeatedly says “your hair is what sets you apart, please don’t make it be like everybody else’s”. Even so, it took many years for Claire to accept and actually love her natural locks and let it do what it wants. When at long last she did she realised that it’s really very easy. Once she learnt the rules. She never has to worry or be anxious about a hairdo that might get rained on (we live in the UK after all) or ruffled by a playful wind. Both wanting to undo a lot of hard work spent getting it to do something it didn’t really want to do in the first place.  


Daphne as a young girl with curls and with her long silver-grey hair with a bit of a natural wave

Curly Hair Rules


A regular good cut to give your style and look a firm boundary. Saying that a curly head of hair can get away with a crooked cut and no one will be the wiser unless you straighten it!

Stay away from shampoo as much as possible. Only use when dirty or greasy. Just wet and use conditioner generously most of the time.

Only comb or brush when wet or damp. Do this gently with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers so as not to break or damage the hair shafts. Claire only combs hers when she’s covered it in conditioner in the shower.

Put some oil on your hands and run through your hair while damp with particular attention on the ends to help calm any fizzy tendencies.

Let your hair dry naturally if you can. Patting excess water off gently with a towel. If you need to speed up the drying time use a hair diffuser so you don’t let your hair get too hot and risk damage.

Twiddling strands of damp hair around your index finger in one direction can encourage a more defined ringlet style – if you want to take the time while it is drying. The old fashioned way used to be to tie it up in rags (thin strips of fabric) and sleep on it but we wouldn’t advise sleeping with wet hair.

What to do if I get caught in a rain shower, gale or it gets flattened with a hat? Run your fingers through it to separate out any clumps and let it recover and spring back into its natural curl.

Claire having her hair smoothed and with her natural wild curl 

Good Tip


If you’re caught out and about with a frizzy hair disaster a small amount of water, liquid soap or oil spread on your palms and run through your hair can calm it down quickly. Careful, not too much as that will be a bigger disaster!


But I Have Naturally Straight Hair!


Please enjoy it. Why is it that we often want the opposite of what nature has given us? The point of this Daphne News is to embrace what you have and be confident and most of all love it. But why are we talking curls? Recently Claire has been stepping out as a model. Making a few first steps and having fun on shoots. A recurring theme has been hair stylists telling her how much they love her curls and immediately straightening them out! 

Claire has loved the results. It’s like being a different person for a while. Enjoyable and fun to have sleek smooth hair to flick (& brush – just because). But even nicer to go back to being ‘Claire’ afterwards with the crazy curls. She’s come along way from her teenage days of spending hours with curling tongs getting the Farrah Fawcett flick or trying without success to smooth her curly hair out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed talking curls. Do you like your natural curls or are you constantly taming them? Do let us know in the comments below as we’d love to hear.

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