When I was a girl I could never have imagined the technology we have available at our fingertips today.  If I wanted to know something I had to go to the Library and search through the reference books or ask someone knowledgeable – luckily for me my father was an academic and taught as a profession.  He was always happy to answer my questions, explain things and fulfil my curiosity.  Mostly answers weren’t instantly found like they are now.  I wrote letters and waited expectantly for a reply which would hopefully come in a few days time.  We sent holiday postcards and took photographs and sent the film away to be processed, again taking days of patience to see the results.

Daphne asDaphne a girl

As a young girl with my Mother Irene

The day to day life of a model is easier with technology I must say – I don’t have to traipse around castings with a heavy portfolio as all my shots are online or on my iPad mini in my handbag along with my iPhone.  I can receive bookings and updates from my Agent while I’m on the move.

Everything is so much easier you might think – but it’s not!  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to throw my computer away.  So much for technology! There is always something that has changed and updated or that I have forgotten how to do although I’ve been shown a 100 times before.  My eyes get tired looking at the screen and something, a photo for instance that was there a minute ago seems to have vanished into thin air and I don’t know why or what I did!  Exasperating…

I notice my grandchildren (I have four) have a very different relationship to technology – they are fearless, relaxed and confident. Pressing buttons and working things out in an intuitive way that is a mystery to me.  I’m scared I’m going to break it or do something that is irretrievably lost forever.  I can only compare it to driving a car or making a cake where a simple mistake can be an absolute disaster that I don’t want to happen.  I’m just not programmed inside like our younger generations who’ve grown up with it all.

80th Birthday with the Technology experts

On my 80th Birthday with my Grandchildren – the Tech Experts

But I soldier on – irritated when friends, many far younger than me who won’t embrace technology at all or even pick up the answer phone message you left last week.  I’ll never know what all the apps on my phone can do and I don’t want to spend all my time looking at the screen but it’s incredible what I have in my life as a result.  My students and friends all around the world in particular who bring me such joy and meaning.  Connecting to so many on social media and so much more.  At least I have a go – I’m not left behind entirely which I do think helps keep a youthful outlook on life.  I want to be part of todays current society – although when buying my rail ticket I’d still prefer to buy my ticket from a real live person and not struggle with the automated machine – I’ll leave that for others at least for now!

I’m trying to get the balance right and with all the technology progress I do hope that we keep talking to each other and our real life relationships a priority!

Technology at 88

With Caryn Franklin MBE at Dove Conference NY plus camera phone tech!

Do you embrace or struggle with technology and where does it make the most difference in your life?  I’d love to hear so do write in the comments below:-

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