# Tell Daphne – It’s Competition Time

This time last year I ran my first competition and I thought I’d do a competition again this year. So I’ve come up with the # Tell Daphne Campaign #telldaphne

As we are heading rather quickly towards 2019 I was thinking about what I want most to change for the better. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to increase feelings of confidence and beauty. It’s a great place to start a transformation in ourselves. Transformation that can apply to so many areas of ourselves can benefit immensely from increased self-esteem. Although some might say this is in a superficial area but I’d say don’t ignore how simple and powerful this can be.

Time marches on and it is always good to reinvent yourself and reassess all that is good that mustn’t be forgotten.  A new year approaching is always a time to both reflect on what’s been and what we’d like to have or experience ahead. Breathing freshness and vigour into who we are is a good thing to do. A youthful outlook can be kept alive with a little mental exercise!


What is the # Tell Daphne Competition?

I want this competition to concentrate on a memory of a moment when you felt your most confident and beautiful. Find a memory and relive it. Maybe it was about feeling confident and when you look at it closely you can see that you felt beautiful too. Or it could be memory when you felt particularly beautiful and realise you felt wonderfully confident!  If this is hard please do persevere to find a time or fleeting moment when you can identify a memory – even a distant or dim one. One that you can magnify in your mind as you focus on it for a short time.

This is a useful and fun thing to do, even if you don’t enter my Tell Daphne Competition, because the remembering will take you to a place of good feelings and it’s always nice to have more of those!

How Do I enter the # Tell Daphne Competition?

To enter the # Tell Daphne Competition send Daphne a description of a memory when you felt most confident and beautiful in no more than 150 words or video no longer than 1 minute. Make sure you include the hashtag #telldaphne and post your entry to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share with your family and friends.

# Tell Daphne Competition Prize

The # Tell Daphne Competition prize is a place on both of Daphne’s online courses:

Firstly, the Daphne Selfe Confidence Course. A 4-week online course to improve your self confidence and highten your feelings of your own unique beauty. The winner will have the chance to take the next course starting on Monday, 21st January 2019. A wonderful way to start the New Year by doing something just for you!

Secondly, the Daphne Selfe Academy. A 6-week online course where you learn all aspects of modelling and the modelling life. Important if you are considering modelling or would like a refresher. It contains useful knowledge and skills to take into so many other career and life paths so it’s not just for models! The lucky winner will have the chance to join this next modelling course starting on Monday, 4th March 2019. Having already done Daphne’s Selfe Confidence Course this will lead naturally on and built your confidence and skills further.


# Tell Daphne Competition Dates

The # Tell Daphne Competition opens on Saturday, 15th December 2018 and closes on Friday, 11th January at 6pm GMT. The winner will be chosen by Daphne and announced on Tuesday, 15th January 2019 no later than 6pm GMT.  

Please use the comments section below to share your memories if you don’t want to enter the competition as Daphne would love to hear your stories of when you felt most confident and beautiful. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

Read the full competition rules for # Tell Daphne – HERE

See Claire in her model agency’s advent calendar

Claire is thrilled to be Day 9 for Grey Model Agency Advent Calendar. This is my daughter Claire’s first video with her new modelling agent. Grey Model Agency specialise in people of all types aged fifty plus. Claire modelled for a few years in her early twenties before moving on to other things. It’s great to have her back! 

Grey Advent Calendar DAY 9 Claire Selfe





Did you see my last Daphne News where you can find out about my last year’s winner, Lizzie: Daphne’s Competition Winner? If not you can catch it HERE

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