Busy Model

Having just arrived back from Paris on a major photo and film shoot (which I have to keep quiet about until next Spring – ssshhh), my book The Way We Wore published and the Daphne Selfe Academy well under way it got me thinking these are things I could never have conceived happening at any point earlier in my life never mind in my ninth decade! A busy model indeed…

Daphne Selfe - A little treat in the travelling life of a busy model!

Daphne Selfe – A little treat in the travelling life of a busy model – cheers to you!

Here I am travelling on Eurostar back from Paris and having a small glass of champagne after such a successful shoot. I’m not one for much alcohol but a little occasionally I do enjoy. When I got married in 1954 I gave up any thoughts of having a career and was happy to be a wife and subsequent mother to our three children. It was the normal thing of the day and domestic life I loved. As the children got older and more independent I did film and TV extra work here and there so you can imagine my surprise at being rediscovered as a fashion model at 70 years old.  I thought it might be fun for a few weeks and here we are 17+ years on.

I want to encourage you to stay open and curious about new things at whatever stage in life you are. Unexpected opportunities seem to happen while we are busy making plans so keep in the best shape you can with healthy choices and a positive outlook as you never know what is around the corner –  the best is yet to come.



PS I shall be in London on the 15th November at The Hampstead & Highgate Literary Festival doing book signings.  For further information and to book tickets click:-  https://www.daphneselfe.com/book-tour/