Tights – A Leg Dilemma!

As someone who is keen to keep up with all things ‘modern’ there is one thing that I constantly have trouble with.  I endeavour to get on with tights but it is always an unsatisfactory experience.  I just find they make me feel so constricted and are too tight around the waist.  I’ve even resorted to cutting the waist band which looks a mess and doesn’t seem to make much difference to how I feel.  From expensive to cheap and everything in-between, I’ve tried them all.  Holdups are too risky and slip down my legs which is not a good look and the fear of them descending around my ankles at the most inappropriate moment is too much to contemplate.

As I love to wear longer skirts and dresses I do sometimes wear knee high socks (pop sox) but you do have to be careful that the tops don’t show as that doesn’t look good and is rather ugly.  Plus the band at the top which sits below the knee can get uncomfortably tight after wearing for a period of time.

Of course perfect legs on a warm or hot day are lovely bare with a bit of bronzer, moisturiser or oil but many of us don’t have perfect pins or feel confident to put them on show.  A sheer tight or stocking makes so much difference to cover blemishes, veins and age spots!

Uncomfortable tights

Everybody’s Magazine 1952

I have to admit I’m most happy in my old fashioned stockings (are they really old fashioned?) so they will continue to be my first choice.  Comfortable and secure to wear all day long, with my faithful suspender (garter) belts that have been with me for many a year.

Where am I going wrong and am I the only one experiencing this?  On the other hand there are benefits in not updating just because we think we ought to!

Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received so please do let me know below.

Wishing you a Happy Easter

Tights or Stockings?

Daphne by Perou in Madonna Corset for Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt Campaign

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