Wearing Memories


Wearing memories. Daphne is a hoarder. Well, a hoarder of clothes in particular. Put another way Daphne is a lover and collector of clothes. She can never bear to get rid of loved items however long she has had them. Decluttering experts please look away and don’t read anymore!  Of course, having lots of clothes does take up space. We know there are many arguments for having a good sort out and lettings things go. Plus, Daphne is so grateful that she has the room for more than one wardrobe – we’re not going to say how many!


With A Special Date Coming Up, What Was Daphne Going To Wear?


Recently, as part of Daphne’s ongoing BEM Celebrations, she was invited to Buckingham Palace to one of the Royal Garden Parties. Daphne spent some time beforehand wondering about what her outfit should be for the day. There were lots of things to take into account:

  • Style and elegance fitting for a Royal Occasion dress code
  • Comfortable for a big day out with lots of standing and walking plus the travelling
  • What was the British weather going to have in store – never to be revealed until the last minute and then again could change during the day
  • Should Daphne take a stick to lean on or not – if so would it get through Palace security?
  • A hat is a must and we love hats but what type?

After considering all these points Daphne had a good look through her wardrobe. She does this a lot – there’s no fear of clothing lying forgotten about in the dark recesses in Daphne’s home. Even so, it’s good to remind oneself of what you have and see them with new eyes. How they will work with another perhaps newer garment or accessory changes everything. It’s only by taking some time when you’re in the mood to relax and enjoy a play of dressing up fun. Of course, Daphne could have gone out and found something new. Before doing that it’s good to see what you already have that can be put together in a new way.  Could Daphne pull off ‘wearing memories’ in an appropriate way for a 2019 Queen’s Garden Party? We think her choice meant so much more than buying something new.

Daphne with daughter Rose wearing memories at The Palace

One Outfit In Particular


After trying on various outfits she came up with a short list but things were still not quite right.  Top of the list was a white suit – bought in Madrid on a dancing tour. Made of thick and warm washable cotton. It was a jacket with a straight pencil skirt that Daphne had worn as her Going Away outfit in 1954 after her Wedding to Jim. It was right for the exciting up and coming Royal occasion.  Along with the mixed weather reports but she just didn’t feel comfortable in the skirt.

Daphne has never been a great fan of tight skirts as they feel constricting and she loves being able to kick up her legs and move freely. But the main reason was it just didn’t fit properly anymore. Over recent years Daphne’s spine has shrunk and her waist has sort of disappeared as her rib case and hips have become closer together – oh dear!  Looking in the mirror it just doesn’t look right. A long column dress looks so much better – what a dilemma……

What Is The Solution?


The solution was to ditch the skirt (well only to one-side as it’s part of a suit after all) and find something else to wear with the jacket. Daphne matched the jacket with a long flowing floral dress that she had had for only a few years, not 65! But even this was wearing memories too as she wore it out with her grandson Alec in 2015 when he was a University rower.

Next, find the hat that matches the dress, a pair of neutral coloured comfy sandals (it’s a mistake to think high heels can work at 90 years old when you’re on your feet for most of the day. Adding a stylish stick to help take the weight when you’re in a queue a sensible decision.


On The Day


Most importantly for such a special day is a special companion – Daphne’s youngest daughter Rose, a great fashionista and dressmaker herself. Rose wearing memories of her own in her beautiful chiffon skirt, one of her own creations. Daphne and Rose had a most wonderful day. The weather behaved beautifully. Even the sun shone and they met many interesting, friendly and inspiring people. They saw the Royals at a distance and had a delicious afternoon tea.  Daphne and Rose loved being in Buckingham Palace and the beautiful quiet gardens right in the heart of London. We like to think that Jim, Daphne’s late husband would be so proud of her and happy that she wore part of her Going Away outfit for this wonderful day. #wearing memories



We’ve found a photo of Daphne wearing the suit at her Wedding – you can see that she altered it (in the 60s) and say’s she wished she hadn’t but then she still loves it as it is now!


Over To You – Is Wearing Memories Something You Do?


To you have any special outfits that you could never part with? Do let us know as we’d love to hear your memories and thoughts in the comments


Wearing Memories Going Away Outfit in 1954
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