At the beginning of a New Year I always like to review the last. Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for? I’m grateful that I’m still modelling and in demand. I’ve done some fabulous jobs, met amazing people, worn beautiful clothes and visited new places. I’ve been able to be useful and contribute – I particularly love mentoring my Model Family (students who have taken my online courses). I’ve socialised with friends, seen art in many forms and had the support of my family and community.  My curiosity is as strong as ever and I’m eager to see what’s in store this year. What new adventures, people and places will I experience and what fashion will I come across?

At a time for new resolutions what are the goals and dreams you have? Are there things that will make you happier and if you achieved stand a bit taller? Do you have goals and dreams that are so big you don’t know where to start? Start with one tiny step. Take the first however unsure you feel then take another! Maybe rather than having formulated goals you want to enjoy the flow of life and be spontaneous – excited to see what adventures come to you. This can be good too.

Consider the words you speak – words out loud and words inside your head. Are they words of peace and optimism, or are they expressions of fear and regret? When you choose to fill your mind with positive, uplifting, life affirming words it will have an affect on your success. You are a living and powerful force – only you can choose your outlook. Whatever your circumstances and obstacles to overcome take each new day with hope and trust that the best is ahead of you.

Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for or what are your goals and dreams for this year? Any adventures planned? Do let me know in the comments.

For 2018 I wish you joy, peace, health & happiness and for you to be the best you you can be   #beyourownselfe


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new adventures

Everlasting Grace – Prade & Gucci for Harpers Bazaar Netherlands. Photographer Ferry Van Der Nat


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