What’s New?


What’s new for you this year? This time of year is often a time for deciding new goals and for making a framework for the year. Learning new things is key I believe in keeping a fresh and youthful outlook.

What's New?


Being naturally curious and willing to try new things has kept me in good stead. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ has been a useful motto! It’s not always easy and sometimes there are frustrations along the way but the joy of adapting and having a new skill, outlook, or more knowledge really overcomes these negatives in a big positive way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with technology – why do my photos, as far as I can tell, disappear into thin air from my laptop, iPad or iPhone? Where they get too, how to find them and importantly how not to panic and stay calm in the midst of it all is something I’m constantly working on…

As a model for many years my work has always been about the photographs so they are important to me and I love my photos of my travels, friends & family – and the cats I meet of course! But nowadays video is everywhere and for this year 2018, I’m determined to get better in this medium of the movie camera. Interviews, modelling or dancing I’ve done for some time and am familiar with, it’s speaking to the camera that has its challenges. How to remember what I want to say while looking at the camera is the big one. Especially as I forget more than a few prepared words and an autocue is too small for my declining eye-sight! Well, it’s a work in progress and together with The Model Minder and with some creative thinking ‘out of the box’ I’m making progress. You can see my latest attempt by clicking on the image below (it’s not perfect but it will get better).

What’s New with you – what new things are you taking on this year – big or small? Is there a favourite motto that helps you? Do let me know in the comments here as I’d love to hear from you.

Scroll down for my latest video to see what you think and click on the image

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