Future Of Fashion

I was honoured to be invited to talk at The Industry (connecting people who are shaping the future of fashion) event at Conde Nast College in London along with Fashion Expert Caryn Franklin.  One of the questions from the audience was “Where do you think ordinary women go wrong in their fashion choices?”

I think that people could experiment more.  I cherry pick from clothes I have collected from many different eras which I mix, match and customise.  This takes time, which I enjoy hugely, mucking about with my clothes in front of the mirror – always looking at the back view too.  I never know what is going to work until I try it.  Many times it’s a disaster – one that is only between me and my mirror!  Only by continually experimenting do I work out what will be a success.  I find combinations and ‘looks’ that work for my figure and lifestyle.  The result is an outfit that is unique and fresh and was already there in my wardrobe.  Adding a new item of clothing to my wardrobe changes everything – what ‘new looks’ will this one piece bring?  I can’t wait to find out!  How about you – what ‘new looks’ are already there waiting to be discovered in your wardrobe?  Do let me know in the comments below.

For a short video of the talk click here

Caryn Franklin & Daphne Selfe 22nd July 2015 Future Of Fashion

Caryn Franklin and Daphne Selfe 22nd July 2015


For pictures on The Industry website click here: INDxCarynDaphne