Would You Wear White Boots?


In the 1960s Daphne had a fabulous pair of white boots which she just loved. Comfortable with a rounded toe and small chunky heel.  They were stylish and made a statement with many an outfit. Sadly, they are no longer in her wardrobe and currently she is wishing that this just wasn’t the case. This is unusual for Daphne as she loves to keep her things for the longterm understanding and knowing that fashion goes in circles. Something loved yesterday that is unfashionable today can be back in tomorrow!


This Colour…..


Would you wear a pair of boots this colour?  Maybe boots like this would seem too outrageous or be too attention-seeking?  And would they stay clean?  As Daphne know only too well that fashion goes round and round again in circles. White boots are right back in vogue and Daphne is hoping that she can find a pair quickly.

white boots
white boots

Photos – where are the boots?

Not even a photo found of the much-loved boots – but here are some modelling shots from the 60s with two fellow models!


In addition, we love the retro look – how things have changed!

Everyday life was more formal



Would you wear white boots and do you have a favourite item of clothing that you no longer have and miss terribly?

Do let us know in the comments below as we’d love to hear from you

P.S. Daphne has a WHITE BOOT UPDATE – find it HERE

Daphne is very happy that after 6 months of searching she has found a new pair of White Boots!

See what you think of them and do let us know in the comments.


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