Wonder Claire – Super Sixty


What do we mean, Wonder Claire – Super Sixty? Well, Claire has just reached her milestone sixtieth birthday.


Daphne: This has been a big deal for Claire and one that she is very much enjoying. You might be surprised by this, that instead of shying away from letting anyone know or pretending that her age is something different she is revelling in it. And, why not? Our age is what it is and we can’t do anything about it but make the most of it.    

I think that there is a case for redefining age and what sixty can be like in 2019. Different from past generations when life expectancy was shorter for instance.

Challenging and changing views on age is becoming more important to us both.

What I love is that Claire is embracing both her new stage in life and role as a model and having lots of fun with it. She is enjoying herself and beginning to express a more care-free approach. Daring to try something new and experimenting whether it might work or not is a good thing to do. 

It is wonderful to see her applying the skills and methods that I’ve gathered together throughout my modelling life that I’m keen to share.

Claire: Having spent these last years very happily behind the scenes helping Daphne secure her incredible legacy for the future. I had no hint or even desire for what is now happening – isn’t life surprising with its unknown twists and turns as it runs it’s course? Dressing up and having fun being a superhero – Wonder Claire – Super Sixty was nowhere in sight. I recently thought I must do some shoots to see how I get on and for my portfolio. This one caught my eye and I just had to do it (with encouragement from my son Alec – we always love to relax together with a Marvel film). Just the thought of it is still making me smile!

Never too late to be your own super-hero

I’ve put together Daphne’s modelling and confidence building courses, The Daphne Selfe Academy and The Selfe Confidence Course. Which means I have all the tools I need from the expert and professional success that Daphne is.  Applying all her knowledge gives me a clear plan of action but is still a daunting thought to a sensitive soul like me. Asking myself the question; am I prepared to be the proof? I don’t know if I will be a successful model but I do know that these last weeks have already changed me for the better. 

Not so self-conscious

With increased feelings of confidence and light-heartedness, I can see and feel I’m not so self-conscious. Wonderfully, I’m not taking myself so seriously and having more fun. One of my go-to habits, which Daphne always preaches is to think about and improve my posture. I can see in some of my recent shoots that it’s not as good as it could be. It takes constant focus!


When I was Fifty – I didn’t feel Wonder Claire

Looking back to when I turned 50 years old I wasn’t very happy with myself – definitely not Wonder Claire. I can’t remember celebrating and I certainly didn’t shout from the rooftops I’m 50!  Suffering from a painful hip at that time I do think health issues can make you feel old whatever your actual age is.

Someone recently suggested that I should be mysterious about my age? Maybe I should, what do you think? But I decided I would be proud that I’ve come this far, reached this milestone and feel really good. Of course, I don’t want to be discriminated or viewed negatively as someone of a certain age so that could be a problem. Certainly, I’ve never liked any age discrimination – being told I was too young for promotion when I was 18 years old was both frustrating and mystifying. I just couldn’t understand the thinking behind it and still, don’t!

Do let us know if age should be kept secret or not in the comments – what do you think?  AND what superhero would you be given the chance? You can write below in the comments section.



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