Young or old?

Or more to the point do you feel young or old today?

Daphne Selfe

I’ve noticed I’ve felt different at different times over my 88 years and I was trying to work out what the difference is and whether my actual age plays a part or not.

If my feet are being particularly painful (I suffer from a condition called Vasculitus which is a constant tingling pins and needles sensation in my feet) or the British weather is blowing an icy cold and wet wind straight into my eyes making them sore and watery I feel old as I battle down the street.

Young Daphne Selfe

When life is going well and I’m fit and healthy (and the weather is more amenable) I feel young and vibrant.  Luckily, I’m fit and healthy and I refuse to let my painful feet get the better of me most of the time – so they don’t.  Being naturally a cheerful, curious and optimistic person I’m usually found rushing around feeling like a teenager!  I usually say ‘yes’ to new opportunities which is another way to keep feeling youthful and alive.

Young Daphne at 88

I’m fortunate in having a robust health due in some part to my genes but encouraged by a good lifestyle so  I’m not often feeling old.  I see that you can be of a very young age and still feel old when life is harsh and you are coping with an illness or big stresses – hopefully these will pass and you can make choices that will help these things disappear.  Therefore don’t confuse your life and the choices available to you with your actual age – a number which is only going to increase.  Getting to a ‘big number’ is a priviledge not available to everyone so enjoy this life we have each and every day – young or old and throw away any notion of a number of years meaning anything more important than it is – just a number.

What do you do to keep a youthful outlook?  I’d love to know what your tips are and if this has struck a cord with you.  Please do let me know in the comments below and share with your family and friends.

Young Daphne

Young Selfe

Daphne photographed by Grace

Photos by my Granddaughter Grace – My 88th Birthday shoot